These Are Trying Times. We Are Here to Help.


Dear Friends,

We want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families health and safety as we unite to confront this unprecedented challenge we are now facing.


Our team at Traub, which also include seasoned crisis managers, is trusted regularly to stand by our clients, solve problems and navigate new terrain. This situation is without exception and we remain available and committed to helping you emerge through this period.


We are including a link to our 11 Steps to Crisis Management as well as our podcast on the subject.


We thought we would also take a moment to share with you our core values that guide our thinking and company culture. This is what we are turning to in order to stay focused and resilient.

Alchemy/ Fusing and balancing left and right brain thinking to our clients’ challenges and opportunities; applying creativity and innovation rooted in analytical discipline to our recommendations; giving equal appreciation to the logical and the magical aspects of retail


Curiosity/ Taking great interest in the people, products, places, and possibilities of our industry; asking deeper questions and seeking richer answers; being so enthusiastic about our work that the phrase “bright eyed and bushy tailed” would be entirely accurate


Family/ Putting yours first; showing everyone with whom you work warmth and kindness


Honesty/ Speaking truthfully; being trustworthy; saying “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” when you don’t have the answer


Integrity/ Treating colleagues, partners and clients with respect; taking the high road (even if it’s lonely up there); doing the right thing

We wish you good health as we rise to meet this challenge together.

All Our Best,
The Traub Team