Review: Aether Apparel

Aether Apparel 

Soho | 16 Crosby Street  | Aether Apparel


Aether Apparel feels like a hidden gem that once you discover you can't believe you didn't know about before. Be prepared to add this store into your regular rotation. 




From the moment you walk in you are immersed in Aether’s modern, clean, functional aesthetic. While around three quarters of the store is geared toward men, the store also carries a collection of womenswear that could probably even stand on its own but does not feel out of place in the store. The store is highly curated so while there is not a huge selection it is easy to shop. The collection mainly consists of outerwear and basics that can be worn both in the city and during various outdoor activities. The apparel is supported by a mix of collaborations such as the Salt x Aether sunglasses, third party brands such as Yeti and an impressive collection of coffee table books for sale.




The people here were above and beyond friendly and helpful. We walked into the store not knowing much about the brand but tempted by the window display. Immediately we knew we wanted to buy one of the lightweight all weather jackets, but didn’t know which one would be best for our needs (city-dweller, good for all seasons, goes with anything, can be dressed up or down). The sales associates jumped in to help, using their own clothing to demonstrate the different looks and feels of the options. They were incredibly patient as we tried on every jacket in the store and worked with us, even providing personal anecdotes about their experience with the clothes, to choose the one that we eventually purchased. We’ve worn it pretty much everyday since - so thank you for helping us make a great purchase. We left as very satisfied customers.



Walking into Aether is like being transported to an alternate universe. Immediately the muted neutrals, wood details and outdoor gear take you to a very different mental place than the busy streets of Soho. You may even start to picture yourself as one of the people depicted in the photographs on the wall engaged in all sorts of outdoor activities (mostly involving staring dramatically out into space across a desert landscape.) This store tells you, “you too could be one of these people, if only you had one of our jackets, and hey why not complete the outfit while you are at it?”




Even though Aether has stores in SF, LA and Amsterdam, walking into the Soho store still feels like discovering a hidden gem. The store creates an immersive experience that starts with the design and reaches all the way to the clothes and even the accessories. This is the type of place that once you learn about you can’t believe you haven’t been before and will become a regular in your rotation.  


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