Review: Bird Brooklyn

Bird Brooklyn 

Williamsburg | 203 Grand Street | Bird Brooklyn


If you are willing to give Bird Brooklyn a chance you will probably find something you love. But if you aren't in the mood to explore, you are probably better off elsewhere in the neighborhood. 




On first glance Bird Brooklyn almost feels like a flea market. Almost. Then you look a little more closely. You start rifling through the racks and maybe a dress catches your eye. Then another one. And now maybe a sweater. And all of a sudden you realize that you are not in some sort of vintage-y market but actually in a very high end boutique. Whether it’s the prices or the labels that tip you off it’s actually a welcome discovery because you start to find products from brands you’ve never heard of or only ever encountered online. Bird Brooklyn recently celebrated its 20th anniversary but the product selection feels fresh as ever.




The staff at Bird Brooklyn is highly attentive but not particularly friendly. The entire time we were in the store the two sales associates were engaged in their own private conversation behind the register. The only time one of them ventured out was when she quickly noticed we had picked up a dress we wanted to try on. She was very observant, came to take the dress to the fitting room, and then went straight back to her conversation and never followed up when we left the dressing room.



The main event at Bird is the large women’s room in the back. You walk through the men’s section, past the accessories and are then deposited into a large brick-walled room with a vintage feel. The newness and relevancy of the merchandise feels all the more incongruous though when you take in your surroundings. Clothes are packed in against each other so tightly that at first you feel as though you are just looking at one amorphous blob. On the one hand this does force you to engage more closely with the clothes as you need to quite literally pull them apart to see an individual piece. On the other hand, it’s easy to imagine feeling overwhelmed just by the sight and walking out before you’ve even had a chance to engage. And that would be a shame, because the selection really is excellent.




You need to be in a specific mood to enjoy your experience at Bird. If you are ready to explore and willing to put in the effort you are pretty much guaranteed to find something awesome. If not, there are too many other great boutiques in the area if today’s not the day for exploring.


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