Review: CAMP Store


Flatiron | 110 Fifth Ave | CAMP


You might think CAMP is just for kids but it’s worth a visit for anyone who has a kid or is a kid at heart (pretty much everyone?)




While CAMP’s main “product” is the summer camp experience they’ve recreated in the back (more on that in “Place”) the front of the store is still quite memorable. On the right you have a Momufuku Milk Bar “canteen” with coffee, their famed crack pie and a special camp themed s’mores sundae. The rest of the space is filled with unique kids toys, apparel and accessories. In many ways this feels like a showcase for DTC brands that cater towards kids or are relevant to the theme. Think Rockets of Awesome apparel, Cubcoats and Homesick “summer camp” scented candles. The space is well curated and I would venture to say it is as fun to browse through for kids and adults. In case you were wondering… yes I did buy “The Happy book” by Pharrell Williams and a milk and cookies flavored chapstick.




The people at the store look and act the part of camp counselor. They were very friendly, energetic and knowledgeable about the various parts of the experience. I didn’t participate in the programming or activities so my interaction was limited, but their general impression was perfectly on-brand with the summer camp vibe.



CAMP delivers on its name - as soon as you walk through the “magic doors” you feel transported to summer camp. The front part of the store, with unique merchandise and snacks, is great, but the biggest differentiation of the place is the experience they’ve built in the back. They’ve recreated summer camp replete with all of the classic spots - the bonfire pit, dance hall, bunk beds, lake and sportsfield. Every eight to twelve weeks the theme changes - on this visit is was “base camp.” Throughout the day the space runs full programming and ticketed events for children and their parents. But during “off-hours” it is still a fun place to walk through, reminisce and slide down a few slides. 




While I’m not CAMP’s target audience (it is marketed as “a family experience store”) I nonetheless enjoyed the visit and opportunity to feel like a kid again. If you do have kids this is great place for an activity in the city. And if you don’t but are looking to be the favorite aunt / uncle, look no further. Or honestly, if you just feel like treating yourself with a fun nostalgic experience, the CAMP store is for you too.