Review: Package Free Shop

Package Free Shop  

Williamsburg, Brooklyn | 137 Grand Street  | Package Free Shop


Package Free Shop is a great place to explore and learn about products that help you reduce waste. Even if you feel skeptical or intimidated by the subject, the energy of the place and attitude of the store associates make you leave feeling uplifted and aware. 





As the name suggests, all products at the Package Free Shop are from brands with an environmentally sustainable angle. Each of these products help you reduce waste and offer alternatives to regular methods of packaging and general living in and out of your home. The variety of products is impressive as it ranges from basic non-plastic water bottles or containers to shampoo bars or beeswax food wrap. So whether you are an expert in sustainability or a total newbie trying to make your first move, you will find products that meet you where you are.




Package Free Shop was founded by Lauren Singer, who you may know on instagram as “trashisfortossers”. Her tone on instagram is educational, approachable and not-condescending which is embodied by the attitude of the store associates. We spoke with a store associate who explained the concept and idea behind Package Free Shop and many of the products. She was knowledgeable and not at all pretentious which was appreciated as I’ve definitely gotten the “you should know this already” look at similar places.  



Package Free Shop is located in a below ground space where you have to walk down a long flight of stairs to actually get to the products. It looks more intimidating than it is. Upon entry you are confronted by what looks like a sea of sustainable cardboard and a big sign to your right reading “The average American produces 4.5 pounds of trash each day. That’s like tossing 45 million elephants into landfills each year.” How’s that for a guilt trip…But as you walk down the stairs and enter the main space you see it is actually very approachable and digestible. The products are organized and laid out by function (e.g. bathroom, kitchen, office etc.) with signage providing instructions.




Even if you felt skeptical or intimidated at the top of the stairs, the energy of the place and attitude of the store associates make you leave feeling uplifted and aware. I might not be at the stage of making my own wet wipes yet, but I’d definitely come back to explore next time I need to restock my cleaning supplies.  


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