Review: Stutterheim


Soho | 232 Mulberry Street | Stutterheim


We love this Swedish brand and being able to try on the products IRL. Check out the full review below.




For a SoCal native transplanted to NYC, purchasing a rain coat was a first and quite exciting. I stumbled upon this cute little Soho store one weekend and was very happy I did - the product is high quality with a beautiful Scandinavian aesthetic. They offer several different cuts, materials and colors in both mens and womens. They also have pretty snazzy rain boots and rain accessories. The brand was born in Sweden and is still somewhat under the radar in the US. I’ve gotten many compliments already - at this point I should be making some commission on the number of people I’ve sent to the store.




There was only one guy working in the store when I visited. He was super knowledgeable about the products and the pros/cons of different materials and fits. He also knew about about the heritage of the brand and what items could and could not be ordered online from Sweden. Maybe this sounds simple, but it’s certainly not always the case in stores where you would expect this to be. 




The store matches the brand - simple, elegant and a bit playful. The best part is probably the fact that it exists and you are able to discover the brand IRL. Being able to feel the different materials and try on different cuts in person was helpful for this type of product.  



I wouldn’t say this it the most interesting or memorable store out there - but it accomplishes well what it’s set out to do - increase brand awareness. It was an enjoyable experience and fun to discover a totally new brand in person as opposed to online which is has become the norm.