Review: Thursday Boots


Soho | 65 Mercer Street | Thursday Boots


We all know how painful and unpleasant it can be to sort through the many shoe options and styles at a bigger store. Thursday Boots takes the pain out of the process.




You want a new pair of shoes, boots seem cool, but the idea of sitting at a department store trying to sort through five different brands with ten different styles and multiple price points freaks you out. Thursday Boots addresses this exact pain point with its handcrafted leather boots in only a handful of styles and narrow range of prices. Each style fits within the same general aesthetic but are different enough to make the choice between them easy. For handcrafted leather boots, $150 to $200 feels like a fair price range relative to other brands, which makes the decision to purchase feel like less of a commitment. The entire process of choosing a style, trying it on and purchasing took us 15 minutes on our last visit to the store. You may even be on such a high from the ease of purchasing a new pair of shoes that you are tempted to complete the outfit with their leather accessories such as a wallet or bag.




The staff at Thursday Boots is a big part of why the decision and purchasing process feels so seamless. They are helpful and knowledgeable about the product and give great advice as to which style to pick and how to find the best fit. Our sales associate explained why two boots of the same style and size but in different colors fit differently - the nature of handcrafted shoes means there will be slight differences from shoe to shoe. He also was able to give good advice on which style to choose given our shorter frame.



The store is designed with a rugged, minimal aesthetic and makes a great use of its small space. The boots are displayed by style which makes the browsing process quick and simple and complementary displays of the leather accessories round out the store. This simplicity was a relief because we came in with an intent to purchase. The store layout is anchored by a bar built into the back wall which also acts as the checkout counter. While the bar adds to the overall vibe of the store, it feels a bit gimmicky given that they are unable to actually serve drinks.




We all know how painful and unpleasant it can be to sort through the many shoe options and styles at a bigger store. What sets Thursday Boots apart is how seamless and easy they make the experience of buying new shoes without sacrificing on style or quality. While Thursday Boots may not be an everyday purchase, we would definitely come back and highly recommend the store for next time you are looking for new boots.



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