Review: ZAK IK at the Azulik Hotel

ZAK IK at the Azulik Hotel 

Tulum, Mexico | Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila  | ZAK IK


Nearly one year later ZAK IK remains one of the most memorable stores I have ever visited. It felt in many ways like visiting a museum as opposed to a retail store. 




ZAK IK is located in the stunning and special Azulik hotel in Tulum, Mexico. Granted most retail locations in the world, even on the hottest of streets, can’t have the same carefree magical feel of this place. That said, this retail store takes that advantage and goes above and beyond. ZAK IK offers a highly curated selection of luxury international brands, none of which I had ever seen before. Not surprisingly, they all have a similarly sophisticated beach or jungle aesthetic, often incorporating unique materials from nature such as sea shells, leaves or feathers. Some brands included Anikena, Hala Kaik and Mentoxa. Anikena’s tagline is “Couture with the wildness of the jungle”. I think that perfectly sums up the merchandise assortment and mentality.




I was so in awe of the place itself that I didn’t pay much attention to who was working there or browsing. The one woman who I did speak to was dressed in a hip long bohemian dress and could have easily been a guest. She was knowledgeable about the different brands they carried and could answer my millions of questions from how they built this incredible space to where to get the best fish taco Tulum.



From the moment you enter (and are asked to take off your shoes) you feel part of a new world. There is a running stream of water along the store’s floor, trees popping up and caves leading into different rooms. Quite simply they’ve built a rainforest indoors and placed unique product as artwork throughout the space. As I skipped across rocks nearly falling in the water (yes I was in awe and very excited) I stopped to take a look at a special looking jacket made of seashells. Someone behind me?No worries, I stepped off the rock across the water to the “land” to try it on. The product is perfectly placed so as to still enable a regular purchasing experience, but the nature throughout adds to the magical feel.




Nearly one year later ZAK IK remains the one of the most memorable stores I have ever visited. From the beauty of the space to the merchandise in the store it is an experience that cannot be replicated. It felt in many ways like visiting a museum as opposed to a retail store. For anyone visiting Tulum, I would put ZAK IK high up on my Safari list. If nothing else, you’ll have a nice walk on a wooden bridge through the jungle on your way out.  


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