Sunday Safari Ft. Aishwarya Iyer



Aishwarya Iyer is the Founder and CEO of Brightland, a modern kitchen essentials brand that champions traceability, emotion and elevated design. The company's hero products are extra virgin olive oils that we can't get enough of. Better yet, each comes in a beautifully designed bottle that makes you want to display it in your home for all to see.    

Aishwarya spent 10 years working at technology companies and in venture capital in New York and LA. Her passion for entrepreneurship led her to learn that most olive oils Americans consume are of poor quality and/or adulterated. With Brightland she began her mission to champion American-made, beautiful extra virgin olive oil - and that's just the beginning. Though only launched this year, Brightland has gotten some serious attention (check out their partnership with Sweetgreen!). We were excited to get her take on the retail landscape and hear of her five favorite stores from around the world. Check our her picks below!




Chennai, India | Website

amethyst india


"Concept store and cafe, open since 2000. I would argue they are one of the retail pioneers, with leading Indian designers, bespoke and special home goods, a flower shop on site and totally unlike any retail experience in Chennai and frankly until the last few years, unlike anywhere in the US!" 




Los Angeles, CA | Website



"Poketo is a gem in LA; art, design, homewares, everyday objects all collide in a fun, accessible, character-filled way." 




Tokyo, Japan | Website



"By far the best selection of books and magazines in the world that I have seen, with a beautiful top-floor space to read and sip on some luxurious tea." 




Soho, NYC | Website



"Maman is probably most known for having delicious coffee and pastries and a chic French vibe, but its Marche Maman soho outpost is really special, with a charming retail market that has unexpected delights." 




Plano, TX | Website



"I'm very excited about Neighborhood Goods for a number of reasons: As a Texan, I love that their first space is in Dallas. I love the thought and consideration they are putting behind everything, and I also love that Brightland is going to be a part of their space for Autumn 2019!" 



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