Sunday Safari Ft. Amanda Baldwin



Amanda Baldwin is the President of Supergoop!, a DTC lifestyle brand dedicated to UV protection and changing the way we think about sunscreen. She shares with us her five favorite stores (plus a bonus!) from around the world. 

Being California natives, sunscreen has always been a staple item in our routine, though begrudgingly. Supergoop! managed to convert us both to enthusiastic sunscreen wearers so needless to say we are big fans of the brand. Apart from an impressive product, they've also opened creative pop up retail locations in the city, like their recent "sunshine shack" in Soho. 

Given Amanda's extensive experience in the consumer space across private equity, brand marketing, retail development and now leading a digital native brand, we were excited to hear about her favorite retail stores. Check our her picks and rationale below!

"I'll never forget the moment Benetton was replaced by the Gap on the corner of Madison and 86th street and thinking- I wonder why that is? What happened that made consumers want to change where they shopped for similarly brightly colored clothes? And thus a lifelong fascination with branding and retail was born, and I always shop with an eye for “why”. Here are a few of my favorites that might not be on your average “what’s the cool new DNVB store” that you probably already know, but these are special because they have stood the test of time, or I believe have everything it takes to do that in the future."




LES| 108 Rivington Street | Website


"So I have a bit of a sweet tooth. But this store is amazing because it takes a very utilitarian vibe and turns it into an aspirational treasure hunt. And because secret meetings in the show Billions take place in the back." 



Global| Website



"I spent four plus years of my career working for this beautiful and iconic brand which taught me everything I know about invention and reinvention. Every nook and cranny is a detail and a story about the brand- from the color grey to the caning on the back of the chairs to the floral display in the front inspired by the childhood gardens of Mr. Dior. And as much as the world of luxury is changing, there is something about a French classic that I believe endures forever and that everyone can learn from." 




London | Regent Street | Website

liberty london


"Department stores are dying, but something happens across the pond where the combination of merchandise and entertainment still works. The architecture, the prints, the exploration always makes it worth the time whenever I am in London." 




Soho | 436 West Broadway | Website



"This beautiful Japanese brand was a new discovery for me when in Tokyo last year, and they just came to West Broadway. I’ve never been in a place so serene and calming where plain white could be so incredibly perfect." 




Global | Website



"So I might be totally incapable of passing one by without going in- perhaps because I am constantly doing channel checks, but also because this is the true wonderland of beauty and I never walk out empty handed. I so admire this store’s ability to constantly reinvent itself for the changing times of our industry. Always exciting to see what they will do next. " 




US & Canada| Website



"My vote for the best retail of the next generation. This brand is so meticulously done- the name, the vibe, the product- and I don’t even wear glasses. They took a cringe-worthy category and made it magical." 

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