Sunday Safari Ft. Denise Lee


Denise Lee is the Founder and CEO of Alala, a luxury women's activewear line designed to be worn from the gym to the office or happy hour. She shares with us her five favorite stores from around the world!


Denise has worked in the fashion industry for over a decade across marketing, business development and brand building. After training for a triathlon in 2011, she began her journey to build an athleisure brand that was sophisticated but still technical. Alala was launched in 2014 and today can be found at Equinox, Bandier and Carbon 38. The brand also operates two of their own stores, one on Madison Ave. in the Upper East Side and the other in Westport CT. 


We are excited to share Denise's Sunday Safari below!




Manhasset, New York | Website



"I love their curation of luxury and street brands at Hirschleifers - I'm always discovering a new cool label there and I can never leave without picking up a little something, even if it's just a cool pair of socks or a new t-shirt."




Brooklyn, New York | Website



"When I am on a no-shopping diet but I need some retail therapy I will go to the multiple L Street Vintage stores all in walking distance from each other and pick up a vintage t-shirt or sweatshirt from their selection. Most of the time, 2-3 items will run me less than $30. Plus, recycling! I like using them as bases for my own creative expression - I'll cut things up or sew pieces together." 




Miami, Florida | Website



"This store transformed the way I looked at retail the first time I went in there. It was whimsical, luxurious to the max and just a treat to explore. Every detail down to the scent is just so thoughtful." 




Tokyo, Japan | Website

opening ceremony


"A must visit when I'm in Tokyo - the store decor is beyond charming down to the last detail and the store staff are just incredibly accommodating." 




Montauk, New York | Website



"Basically my first stop in Montauk every summer. I stock up on vintage Levis but sadly they had taken everything out this year for a Gucci collab and I missed out on getting some new (old) jeans. Hopefully they'll be back in 2020 with even more gems." 



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