Sunday Safari Ft. Eva Goicochea



Eva Goicochea is the founder and CEO of DTC sexual wellness brand Maude. Eva shares her five favorite stores from around the world from Poketo in Los Angeles to Earls of East in London and everywhere in between.  


If you've ever been in the market for sex products but haven't been inspired by the neighborhood "adult toys" shop down your block or the condom aisle of Duane Reade (although the "Nirvana Amplified" Trojan condoms are certainly entertaining...), head over to Maude for your one-stop-shop for all sexual essentials. From their easy to open condom packs (make sure not to accidentally confuse them with your dailies) to the very chic "personal massager", Maude has your back for sexual products you'll actually want to leave lying around in plain sight. If you happen to be in Williamsburg during the weekend this summer, make sure to check out Maude's Staycation pop-up (featured in our pop-up shop directory) to explore Maude products as well as a well-curated selection of partner brands in person.


The Staycation pop-up is beautifully designed and impeccably curated, so it should come as no surprise that we wanted to get inside the brain of its founder to find out what stores she gets her inspiration from. Check out her picks below.




Los Angeles | Website

Poketo Store


"Launched in 2003 in Los Angeles by husband-wife team Ted and Angie, Poketo was way ahead of the curve in their curation of independent design both in retail / web plus their cheeky collabs." 




Brooklyn | Website

ADO Shop


"Tucked into the A/D/O space in Williamsburg, a center for design and innovation by Mini Cooper, this shop does an incredible job at highlighting unique brands and also bringing in ever-changing exhibitions." 



Chicago | Website

Asrai Garden


"Housed in Chicago's Ace Hotel, Asrai Garden is a wonderland of florals and apothecary. With an assortment from all over the world, the personal care in this store is drool-worthy and design-forward." 




New York | Website

Goods for the Study


"An office design lover's dream brought to you by the iconic McNally Jackson bookshop, Goods for the Study has paper, pens, and other desktop accoutrement that make for great special occasion purchases—for others or yourself." 




London | Website

Earl of East


"Home to both their well-known, in-house candle brand and an array of modern goods from London and abroad, Earl of East has brought incredible design to both the Kings Cross and Hackney outposts." 


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