Sunday Safari Ft. Kaleigh Moore


Kaleigh Moore is a freelance writer specializing in blog content for ecommerce platforms and the software that integrates with them. She writes for publications like Forbes, Adweek, and Glossy on topics around retail, DTC, and online commerce. She shares with us her five favorite stores from around the country!

We have been reading Kaleigh Moore's articles on a variety of publications like Forbes or Glossy for some time now. We love her covering of the full consumer and retail landscape from the digital natives to retail goliaths and the technologies that are changing both their worlds. 

We were excited to get her take on retail and her five favorite stores from around the country. Check out Kaleigh's Sunday Safari below!




New York | Website

drunk elephant


"This pop-up shop was visually really interesting and represents the brand in a stimulating, multi-sensory way. I like that they used this short-term retail space to test out new product, to gather feedback, and to spur social mentions by providing an environment that screams "I GOTTA POST ABOUT THIS PLACE." 




Seattle | Website



"I love that this store has elements of nature that are incorporated with raw wooden beams, indoor plants, floor-to-ceiling birch tree posts, and imagery shot in the PNW region. There's a massive Kånken Wall (their signature backpack) and an in-store tailor where customers can walk in and get on-site alterations--at no extra charge (amazing.) It's also a great community hub for outdoor enthusiasts in the area, and they have guides and events that help empower people to get outdoors."



Los Angeles | Website



"This retail location on Melrose is a great place to get hands-on with the product, but what I liked most was the canyon room installation. You step into a room that looks like the Antelope Canyon in Arizona and hear nature sounds, which is a nice break from the chaos of the city and a really immersive, unique experience." 




New York | Website



"I love the idea of an immersive testing experience--and who doesn't want to go schedule a 45-minute nap in a nice, comfy setting? I do, for sure. Sign me up." 




New York | Website 

dylans candy bar


"This is like walking into a childhood dream/Willy Wonka masterpiece. You can smell the sugar as soon as you open the door, and it's so colorful and whimsical--you instantly feel like a little kid again." 



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