Sunday Safari Ft. Min Santandrea


Min Santandrea is the Founder of SantM, a functional / luxury comfort chic shoe brand for modern women. Min has impeccable taste and a global outlook as displayed in her designs. She shares with us her five favorite stores from around the world!


Prior to founding SantM, Min spent many years as a merchandiser working for global companies such as Uniqlo, Walmart and New York & Co. Over the years of traveling for work in the fashion industry, Min continued to notice how painful it was to travel and look good at the same time. Specifically, she realized that the shoes she was wearing did not fit into the life she led and the shoes she would have to wear for comfort did not meet her high standards for style. She decided to create the shoe she wanted - a well-made, comfortable, affordable shoe that still met the high standards of business women like herself. 

Min's extensive travels, especially to Japan have influenced the way she sees retail and many of her Sunday Safari choices reflect that outlook. Min told us that she selected these stores because of their product mix, uniqueness and customers service. She believes that all of the retailers are difficult to replicate and unique in what they offer to their competitors which is what gives them a winning formula for long-term sustainability. 


Check out Min's Sunday Safari below!




Connecticut and New York | Website



"Kings and Queens of customer service for luxury brands. They are the Cheers of high end retail. They know their customers name, birthday, anniversary, favorite baseball team, pets name etc. A real human connection/community that we miss in the world of Amazons." 




National | Website

Trader Joes


"The fact every time I go in there for 1 thing but come out with 2 bags full of groceries and don’t mind waiting on a mile long line. Plus the employees are super helpful and look genuinely happy."




Japan | Website



"Amazing unique products that doesn’t follow any trend and somehow so cool. When you enter the store in it like you are stepping into a different world. Every corner, shelf, hanger has a piece you want to touch, look at and buy." 




Japan | Website



"My favorite thing about Japan especially Tokyo is that they have figured out how to still honor and practice craftsmanship and tradition yet incorporate cutting edge modern tech/practice. Q. What developed country do you know that still wears its traditional outfits on regular daily bases. A. Japan = kimono/yukata. You can see this is Mitsukoshi. The multi layer basement has amazing food vendors selling 100 different kinds of pickled goods to mostly amazing packaged Japanese Yam that you cringe as you unwrap it because it is too beautiful to eat. First through 6 floors are the best global cutting edge designers with tech enabled features. My favorite is the 7th floor with handmade traditional Japanese chopsticks to shibori scarves.." 




Upper East Side, NYC (Carnegie Hill landmark stores) | Website and Website

Corner Bookstore


"Everything is so beautifully curated and unique yet you don’t feel like you are in a museum. The staff is incredible. True neighborhood places where they create a sense of community. They don’t care if you read ½ of a book in the store or touch everything in the store." 



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