Traub Announces New Brand Identity

This week, Traub announces a new brand identity featured on WWD


As a leading consulting firm, Traub understands the challenges businesses face in today’s world. Working hand in hand with our clients, we provide creative yet practical solutions to address them. We are the Sherpa and not the Oracle and as such we do not simply point the way, but work alongside clients to achieve the desired outcomes. It is in our DNA. It is the way we think and the way we deliver our services.


Over the last few years we have added expert operating partners across multiple disciplines, added an interim management product offering as well as more traditional management consulting offerings to our existing corporate and business development activities. We have also launched an investment arm named Traub Capital as a separate entity.


So, today our commitment to the businesses we touch is to think creatively, manage efficiently, and expand purposefully.


Recognizing how the business environment has changed in the 21st century and listening closely to our clients, it became clear that it was time to renew our brand strategy to better communicate who we are and what we stand for today.


We are proud to announce that we have formally adopted “Traub” as our market name. We’ve shortened our domain name to which you will notice in our email addresses moving forward. We have refreshed our website which will now contain a blog, white-papers, a pod cast and other content.


The new gull-wing “T” icon was designed using the golden ratio, a proportion used for millennia in architecture, design and even found in nature. For us though, the design of the icon represents our duality and balance of right and left brain thinking, the close connection between the digital and physical worlds, and the wings we give our clients to help their brands and businesses soar.


At the heart of these efforts is our desire to make clear to everyone that we are able to guide our clients through every stage of their growth. Traub works with consumer products, services and retail companies to help them develop their businesses to reach their full potential. Our differentiation in the market is striking. Just as the air-balloon requires attention to the ballast and the lift in order to rise and clear the mountain, our focus is on both SG&A and revenue optimization. One without the other simply doesn’t work for the long term. We believe that by applying 20th century knowledge and 21st century tools and technologies, we help our clients cross the horizon and into the world of today.


This is the new Traub.



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