This Week On The Safari, Visions Into the Future: CallisonRTKL's, Paul Conder and Lily Olsson

The Safari is a guided tour around the retail, brand and consumer landscape. Mortimer Singer, Traub CEO, interviews the brightest and most innovative industry leaders who share how they are shaping and evolving the industry in the years to come. This week, Paul Conder and Lily Olsson join The Safari. 











CallisonRTKL is a leading global architecture, planning and design firm focused on cross-pollinating ideas and delivering quality at all levels in all places. CallisonRTKL’s VP and Global Services Lead of Customer Experience, Paul Conder, and Associate Vice President of CX Innovation and Insight, Lily Olsson, join us to discuss our joint project “Visions Into the Future”. We talk about: pre and post pandemic attitudes across industries, how brands can bolster their services to increase the perception of safety, the new meaning of convenience, how consumer are not only makers and sellers but also collaborators, the live – work – play ethos, and more.    


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