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Colin Walsh, CEO of OUAI

As CEO of OUAI, the Los Angeles based hair care and lifestyle brand, Colin Walsh has demonstrated his inspiring leadership qualities and dedication to the growing beauty industry over the past 16 years. His mission to remain curious about life and continue to work and play every day with people who inspire him to be his best, has given him an unparalleled perspective across Sales, Marketing, Product Development and Distribution, allowing him an understanding of the business from all viewpoints and cementing him as a leader in the space.
Prior to joining OUAI, Canadian-born Walsh, was the CEO of DevaCurl and VP/GM of MATRIX USA within the Professional Products Division of L’Oréal. He also co-authored, “ON: A Brilliant Way to Live and Work” with motivational psychologist Dr. Lew Loscony; a book designed to provide practical tips and powerful insights on creating greater passion and purpose in work and everyday life.


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