This Week On The Safari, The Branded Environment and Retail Design Original: JGA’s, Ken Nisch

The Safari is a guided tour around the retail, brand and consumer landscape. Mortimer Singer, Traub CEO, interviews the brightest and most innovative industry leaders who share how they are shaping and evolving the industry in the years to come. This week, Ken Nisch joins The Safari. 


"I sometimes use the term shopping texture. If you think of retail more being like the gift shop at the end of the ride, more and more of the ride is going to be what the marketer, the brander, or the creator has to think about and then the shopping is the byproduct of a great ride rather than necessarily the reason for the ride.”



Ken Nisch is the Chairman of JGA and has focused his efforts developing branded environments and consumer strategies for clients around the world including Sundance, Hershey’s, Sleep Number, Signet, H&M, Shinola, Whole Foods Market and El Palacio de Hierro. His consumer knowledge and entrepreneurial insights have been an integral part of the conceptual development and strategic image positioning for many retail operators, manufacturers and brand marketers in entertainment, hospitality and traditional retail for more than 40 years. Ken is an inductee of the Retail Design Institute Legion of Honor, the Shop! Hall of Fame and serves on the board for Shop Association as well as private and public retail companies. We talk about: the importance of content and storytelling in all his projects, the conceptual development of retail brands, sustainability in design, and more.


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