This Week On The Safari, The Brand Builder: Red Antler's, Emily Heyward

The Safari is a guided tour around the retail, brand and consumer landscape. Mortimer Singer, Traub CEO, interviews the brightest and most innovative industry leaders who share how they are shaping and evolving the industry in the years to come. This week, Emily Heyward joins The Safari. 

“I think that consumers are less and less interested in seeing a perfectly polished and glossy view of the world. Brands are letting people into their story and giving up control and letting people see behind the curtains.”










Emily Heyward is the Co-Founder and Chief Branding Officer of Red Antler, a leading branding and marketing firm focused on early-stage ventures. Throughout her career, she has helped create, launch, and build devoted fan followings for some of the most beloved consumer brands, such as Allbirds and Casper. In her book,Obsessed, Emily takes readers behind the scenes of the creation process and outlines her principles of what it takes to launch highly coveted brands. We talk about: why people should invest in brand, her team’s process to create a level of obsession for new startups, current trends she sees in the industry, her notes of optimism, and more. 

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