This Week On The Safari, The SPF Revolutionizer: Supergoop!'s, Amanda Baldwin

The Safari is a guided tour around the retail, brand and consumer landscape. Mortimer Singer, Traub CEO, interviews the brightest and most innovative industry leaders who share how they are shaping and evolving the industry in the years to come. This week, Amanda Baldwin joins The Safari. 

"We are going to sit here a year or two from now and a whole list of things that make a marketing engine work is going to have changed. There is a whole new world out there brought on by Gen Z’s coming of age, this year that we’ve lived through, and how people’s habits are changing that I am excited about.”














Amanda Baldwin is the President of Supergoop!, the sunscreen and beauty brand driven by the purpose to change the way the world thinks about sunscreen through its clean, protective, and highly innovative products. This philosophy has propelled Amanda and her team to constantly imagine ways to help people wear SPF every day. We talk about: Supergoop!’s brand DNA, her experience in the beauty industry, product innovation and brand expansion, the future of the brand, and more.


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