This Week On The Safari, The Green Beauty Chemist: Tata Harper Skincare's, Tata Harper

The Safari is a guided tour around the retail, brand and consumer landscape. Mortimer Singer, Traub CEO, interviews the brightest and most innovative industry leaders who share how they are shaping and evolving the industry in the years to come. This week, Tata Harper joins The Safari. 


Tata Harper is the Founder of her beauty brand Tata Harper Skincare, a line of natural products merging nature’s botanicals and technology from around the globe to create multi-purpose and multifunctional products that never compromise on luxury. Since launching 10 years ago, Tata has become a leader in not only the beauty industry, but also the consumer lifestyle space. We talk about: the development of her products’ formulas, the importance of rituals in her vision for her brand, the technology behind her products, her entrepreneurial advice, and more.

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