Welcome to the TRAUB Blog

Part of our job here is to search for and catalog the most prescient and notable developments in the consumer and retail industries. This is one way by which we keep our clients and portfolio companies in the know, and ahead of the curve. We also have many wonderful writers here at the company.

So we have finally agreed to start sharing some of our thoughts and observations with the world via the new Traub blog (and sometimes vlog) – which I am announcing here and now.

You, dear reader, are deluged with opinion and content. The purpose of our blog therefore will be to on the one hand summarize succinctly what we are seeing in the world; but on the other hand to provide insight into what this means for the industry at large, the consumer, as well as business in general.

We will try and keep it concise and relatively infrequent.

So please do sign up and give us as much feedback as you can.

All the best to you,