Guide: 10 NYC Stores Perfect for Retail Therapy

You just went through a breakup, and maybe you’re a wreck. You’ve already binged the entire 10-season run of Friends on Netflix and just can’t take Netflix asking if you are still there one more time. You are ALWAYS STILL THERE. The ice cream is running low in the fridge and your friends propose that maybe it’s time to take off the sweatpants and venture outside... maybe it’s time for some tried and true retail therapy.

For the majority of you not going through a heart wrenching break up (lucky you!), but living in NYC...we’ll bet sometimes you need a break from the one too many days spent in your cubicle and the one too many rides spent on the crowded subway. 

So, when you need some inspiration for where to go to say I’m a strong, independent woman (or man!), where to take a nap in a bed bigger than your own, or where to find some special treats to kick-start the day, check out our guide below.








Union Square (Flagship) | 1863 Broadway | Bulletin

Your breakup has left you needing a hefty dose of feminism in shades of bright yellow and pink. Be your own feminist hero and head over to one of Bulletin’s three locations to pick up a “feeling myself” pin or a sweater that says “screw you” (tell ‘em how you really feel!). The bright colors might have some actual therapeutic powers and if nothing else you’ll be able to walk the streets of NYC wearing your heart on your sleeve.  






Flatiron | 110 Fifth Ave | CAMP 

You’ve spent one too many mornings with your face in the sweaty armpit of the man next to you on the subway. You’ve reached the point where you are fantasizing about packing your bags and leaving the City once and for all. Make like you are doing just that and head over to Camp. Get a s'mores sundae from the Milk Bar "canteen", slide down the slide from the “bunk” to the “dance hall” and you’ll probably forget you aren’t back at your childhood camp but are in fact in the middle of the Flatiron district.

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Noho | 196 Mercer Street | The Dreamery 

Peaceful nap pod, PJs, skincare products and snacks. Sign me up. If you need a break from the shopping (we know - it’s exhausting) walk down to the Dreamery to get 45 minutes of nap time or meditation on a Casper mattress while in a pair of Sleepy Jones PJs. Then brush your teeth, use some Sunday Riley products and walk out good as new. Don’t forget to pick up some snacks on your way out too. And yes you do get samples of the skincare products to bring home ;).



Higher Standards



Chelsea | 75 Ninth Ave | Higher Standards

What you really need is a vacation. Preferably somewhere warm where you can sit on a lounge chair in front of a pool so you can scroll through Instagram in peace. Since that probably isn’t a possibility right now, head over to Higher Standards in Chelsea Market to pick up some products for an ~elevated~ smoking experience. You will feel very classy when you get back to your apartment with a heavy duty glass bowl and a branded crystal ashtray. By the end of the night you might even be relaxed enough to imagine you really are sitting at that pool, sipping a frozen margarita. Or not. Maybe you should just book that trip...




Hudson Yards | 20 Hudson Yards | The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards

Sometimes you just need to get lost in a mall - or should we say - vertical retail space ;). Hudson Yards is truly “a city within a city” and you can certainly get lost (from personal experience we recommend taking a map). The retail space has everything you can imagine - from classic brands across luxury and fast fashion to B8ta for some product experimentation and Van Leeuwen for a quick ice cream break and if that’s not enough,a full three story Neiman Marcus. There’s also the Snark Park exhibition where you can explore, relax and play with the constantly rotating exhibitions. In other words… a park for adults. We love it. Did we mention there’s a Kith Treats cereal bar and Mercado Little Spain (the “Spanish Eataly”) in case you get hungry.  




Flatiron | 45 W 21st Street | Inscape

Sometimes retail therapy just can’t cut it. Sometimes you need some peace and quiet and 35 minutes of mindfulness (is that too much to ask!?). After your session in a beautiful little cave (with great pillows) you may feel ready to explore Inscape’s mini retail section upfront. Find everything you need, and maybe don’t really need if we’re being honest (three ounces of “Everlasting Love Mist” for $28?). If that’s all a bit overwhelming, we’d suggest sticking to Keap’s “Wood Cabin Candle”.






Soho | 337 Lafayette Street | KITH

You know that thing from Sex and the City where whenever something bad (or neutral, or good…) happened to Carrie Bradshaw she would go shoe shopping for like $600 shoes? Well, do that. Except instead of spending $600 on Manolo Blahniks go to Kith and and get a much more affordable (or not..) pair of new kicks. Try on as many sneakers as your heart desires, check out whatever Kith’s latest drop is and then treat yourself to a soft serve blended with your favorite sugar cereal. Throw your shopping bags over your shoulder a la Carrie Bradshaw and strut out of the store ready to flaunt what you’ve got.

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Midtown | 650 Fifth Avenue | Nike House of Innovation

Summer is on the horizon … and your Hamptons group chat is back in full swing. You’ve accepted that it’s time to once again regularly hit the gym. Stop by Nike’s Flagship on 5th Ave (yes, we know its not in Soho but this store is worth it) and check out the crazy customization sneaker options and vintage tees. Plus their “local floor” downstairs has the best Nike staples to look effortlessly cool as you leave your workout. And let’s be real more than 50% of the time you’re wearing the outfit you’re not working out (or is that just us?).




Midtown | 611 Fifth Avenue | Saks Beauty

You work in midtown and got the third passive aggressive email from your boss in one day. Instead of going to cry in your favorite bathroom stall head over to the beauty floor at Saks. Set your cynicism aside for a moment and give your face a “workout” at Face Gym. We can’t promise your face will look any different than it did before, but we can guarantee that this is a far better way to let out the tension than your standard bathroom cry. If you need a portable solution, pick up one of Face Gym’s face rollers on your way out and be prepared for passive aggressive email number four coming your way.

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The Sill



Upper West Side | 448 Amsterdam Avenue | The Sill

Fact: plants make people happy. Scientifically proven? We’re not sure but it’s hard not to smile while browsing the selection of mini cactus pods to large ZZ plants. The staff are also extra happy and helpful so we’d like to think the plants have something to do with it. Did we mention their plant accessories are on point. Gifting to someone special? Add a little “I Dig You” sign. Gifting yourself? “Stay Wild” (yea independence!). Also, according to Bloomberg, the one thing millennials haven’t killed is houseplants (unless you’re me … RIP Mr. Wild, you will be missed).

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