Sunday Safari Ft. Emilie Spire



Emilie Spire is an investor at Felix Capital, a London based consumer and technology venture capital firm. She shares with us her five favorite stores (plus a bonus!) from around the world. 

Felix Capital describes itself as "a venture firm for the creative class", sitting at the intersection of technology and creativity, focused on opportunities in digital lifestyle. They've invested in many companies we know and love from (now no longer startups) Farfetch and Peloton to startups Mejuri and Papier. 

Emilie is passionate about emerging brands and platforms across the consumer and retail landscape, particularly in beauty, food and travel. She has lived and worked in both Paris and London and we were excited to hear about some of her favorite stores from around the world. Check our her picks and rationale below!



Los Angeles| Website


"I discovered Dosist in LA last Easter and have to admit that it has been one of my favorite retail experiences so far! I like how a sales assistant personally guides you in the store, taking the time to present to you the different products in an educational way, without being too pushy on selling them. The aesthetic of the store felt modern and sleek, white and warm at the same time." 

(We couldn't agree more! Check out our review of Dosist here)



Paris| Website

maison 2


"One of my go-to places each time I’m in Paris! They manage to successfully mix in a very authentic way: a restaurant where you could spend your whole day, a well-curated deli with delicious fresh food, a wine store and a selection of home essentials. It’s hard to leaving without buying something!" 




New York City | Website



"Just the energy in these stores is incredible! I really enjoyed being able to try the live studio experience on their latest equipment. The Peloton staff makes you feel like you're part of the community already!" 



4. HAY

Global| Website



"It’s like entering you’re stylish friend's flat, except that this time you can bring home almost everything! They are tastemakers in design and you’ll always find something you didn’t know you wanted. I also like that you can wander in the store freely and they have a very wide price range offering." 




Paris & NYC| Website



"Entering a Sezane store is like feeling at home (well I'm Parisian…). It smells good, you have books on the shelves and flower bouquets on table. I also appreciate that they are organizing sustainability workshops and that they now have a store dedicated solely to their solidarity program DEMAIN." 




London| Website



"I’m amazed how Selfridges is staying on top of its game by incorporating even more pop ups and experiences into its store on Oxford Street in London! They recently announced the launch of their own cinema but my favorite part will still be the Beauty area on the ground floor!" 


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