Sunday Safari Ft. Emily Schildt


Emily Schildt is the founder of Pop Up Grocer, a traveling pop-up grocery store that showcases products from the most innovative and exciting natural food brands today. Emily shares with us her five Sunday Safari picks!


Did you make some sort of vague post-summer resolution about eating more "natural foods" this fall but then walked into your local health food store and realized everything looked a bit...uninspired? Enter Emily Schildt and Pop Up Grocer. Pop Up Grocer is a traveling pop-up grocery store featuring the latest products from exciting and up and coming natural food brands. Stop by to purchase olive oil from Brightland (shoutout to founder Aishwarya Iyer who we featured in a recent Sunday Safari), cereal from Magic Spoon or sparkling white tea from Tost in the grocery store of Emily Schildt's dreams. Make sure to get to the store ASAP though since it is only open in its current location through October 20th (hoping it will come back again soon though!).


Since Emily's pop-ups are always beautifully designed and feature the coolest, newest products, we were excited to get Emily's take on the retail landscape and hear about  her five favorite stores from around NYC and LA.Check our her picks below!




New York, NY | Website

Rachel Comey


"From the moment you open the big-knobbed farm door, to the moment you enter the well-lit, textured-walled dressing room, the shopping experience at RC is beautifully funky. I don't like shopping for clothes much, contrary to the number of items in my closet, but a visit here feels special."




Brooklyn, NY | Website

Home Union


"This vintage furniture shop in Greenpoint is home to some of the most beautiful mid-century finds. They've been restored to look near-new." 




Brooklyn, NY | Website

Import News


"I love this little outpost for its offering of 3 of my absolute favorite things: coffee, periodicals, and snacks. You can find locations in New York at Oliver Coffee and Fellow Barber, and in my new favorite hang in Brooklyn, at Public Records." 




Brooklyn, NY | Website

Greene Grape Provisions


"This is my neighborhood boutique grocery and it's where I source a lot of new items, like amaro soda, fruit jerky, and freeze-dried ice cream. They also have an amazing ready-made selection for easy pick up for dinner, or taking to Ft Greene Park for a picnic." 




Los Angeles, CA | Website

County Ltd


"One west coast addition, as we plan for our store opening there. A self-described "t-shirts and chairs" shop, it offers the best of both. Plus a selection of lamps, prints and homewares that are expertly curated." 



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