Guide: Williamsburg

Maybe you finally got that reservation at Lilia. Or you didn’t. That’s fine, neither did we. Or maybe your cousin from out of town came in and heard that Williamsburg is a cool place to visit. You need to play it cool even though you went straight from college to the Lower East Side and have never actually been to Williamsburg except that one time you got drinks on the William Vale rooftop. Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Whether you are looking to kill a few hours before a dinner reservation or do brunch and make a day out of it, be sure to include these stops on your next Williamsburg Safari.

Williamsburg Map




Happy socks


Williamsburg | 193 Bedford Avenue | Happy Socks


We know its not considered particularly creative to give someone socks as a gift. But Happy Socks made us think maybe it’s not the gift that’s the problem, maybe it’s the socks. The Happy Socks store is just one, long, narrow riot of color that is enough to make anyone, well, happy. It’s right outside of the Bedford L stop so pop in to pick up some wild socks for yourself or your favorite sock wearer and be ready to become a gifting MVP.

Pro tip: Happy Socks is right near Davey’s ice cream so grab a cone to lick as you make your way to your next stop.




Williamsburg | 219 Bedford Avenue | Catbird


Catbird is tiny and perennially packed. If that sentence freaked you out, maybe skip this stop and head to their website instead. But if you do, just know that you will be missing out on a chance to try something on from their beautiful selection of jewelry. Catbird sells jewelry from their own brand as well as from a variety of highly curated independent designers. If you’ve been meaning to pick up some stackable rings or bracelets, this is the place to do it. Just be mindful of the cost or your might accidentally drop some serious $$$.




Williamsburg | 241 Bedford Avenue | Sephora Studios


We know … Sephora is not exactly the new, under the radar brand you thought you would be reading about on this guide. But hear us out. Sephora Studio is a new boutique format which is a smaller format space meant to blend into a local neighborhood. There are only a couple existing locations around the country. The Studio stores focus on makeup products, services and events. They regularly hold tutorial sessions, and their staff is well versed in the entire Sephora product range so they can suggest specific items and ship directly to you if they are not in the store. Stop by next time you just need to pick up a new mascara to beat the lines at a regular Sephora or want to finally learn how to do that thing they call contouring.

Pro tip: Stop by Martha’s Country Bakery before hitting Grand Street. Pretty much everything we’ve tried is amazing there so you really can’t go wrong.


7115 by Szeki  


Williamsburg |  223 Grand Street | 7115 by Szeki


Ever wonder where all those hipster chic Brooklynites get their linen jumpsuits and wide-legged pants? Walk into Szeki and you’ll have a bit of an ah-ha moment. If you are the type of person described above, chances are Szeki has been one of your go-tos for years. If you aren’t, but are feeling inspired by your time in Williamsburg and are ready to dabble, check out Szeki for the perfect, easy to wear separates to get you started. Before you know it, you might even become the type of person who has a different colored woven jumpsuit for every day of the week.


Chango Shop


Williamsburg | 226 Grand Street | Chango Shop


Chango Shop is a peaceful oasis filled with beautiful home products. The store showcases a plethora of home brands with a clean and beachy aesthetic (although we have some questions about the various animal head decorations throughout the store). The staff is super friendly and makes you feel at home (literally). The product range is impressive ranging from unique giftable items to traditional bed and bath products, pillows and throws, tabletop and home decor. If you do pick up a llama head … please let us know, we have some questions for you.




Williamsburg | 203 Grand Street | Bird Brooklyn 


While the surrounding shops are great little boutiques to poke around in and explore, Bird Brooklyn is the Grand Dame of the street. The store is large and filled with clothing and accessories from luxury labels and up and coming brands. You’ll need some energy to sift through all of the options, but if you are feeling up to it you won’t be disappointed by the impressive selection.


(Read our review of Bird Brooklyn here.) 


 Atelier Mira 


Williamsburg | 224 Grand Street | Atelier Mira


Atelier Mira is a can’t miss on a Williamsburg Safari. This glasses and accessories store is almost more gallery than store but the boutique does provide onsite eye examinations and eyewear repairs. The eyewear here is guaranteed to make you stand out in a sea of Warby Parker but even non-glasses wearers (or glasses wearers who are just fine with their Warby’s thank you very much) will be sure to find something to peruse in store from the high-quality leather goods to the sparkly eye themed brooches.




Williamsburg | 193 Grand Street | Anne Willi


We dare you to find a more welcoming boutique anywhere. Anne Willi is a french fashion label with a couple of stores in France and Brooklyn. The clothes are timeless and chic and the store is probably as close as you can get to feeling like you are in Paris. What sets this store apart is the absolutely lovely sales associate Juliette, who not only was able to tell us all about the brand but was so friendly and warm we almost didn’t want to leave.

Pro Tip: Extend the illusion of being in Paris by stopping into luxury French chocolate store Michel Cluziel for a quick taste.


Berlyn 65


Williamsburg | 163 Grand Street | Berlyn65


Berlyn 65 is a little boutique filled with a well-curated selection of Turkish towels in addition to jewelry, fragrances and other home accessories. The store itself feels like a breath of fresh air, not least because of the abundance of greenery that hangs from every surface. If you are on the hunt for a unique house gift (for yourself or for others) one of the beautifully made woven towels would do the trick nicely.




Williamsburg | 152 Grand Street | Supreme


Supreme in Williamsburg might be the brand’s best kept secret in NYC. While the store in Soho can be spotted a block away from the ever present line, the store in Williamsburg is easy to miss. So take this opportunity to finally get inside because the vibe doesn’t disappoint. The store is anchored by a skatepark in the middle if you want to strut your stuff but there is plenty of merchandise to browse if you’d rather just look the part.




Williamsburg | 137 Grand Street | Package Free Shop


Package Free Shop, as the name suggests, offers products from brands with an environmentally sustainable angle. It’s a great place to explore and learn about new ways to help you reduce waste. Whether you are an expert in sustainability or a total newbie trying to make your first move, you will find products that meet you where you are. 


(Read our review of Package Free Shop here.)



Williamsburg | 99 Grand Street | LEIF


Say you just moved into a new apartment, or have a friend who’s housewarming you are attending, and you want to fill it with something slightly whimsical but also functional, head to LEIF. LEIF stocks everything from pillows and throws to cute paper goods and scented candles. It’s filled with knick-knacks yet somehow doesn’t feel cluttered or random as it is anchored by a creative yet clean aesthetic. Pick up something for your apartment and be ready for everyone who comes over to ask where you got it. Just tell them to go to LEIF.




Williamsburg | 242 Wythe Avenue , Suite 3 | Baggu


Baggu doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should you. Baggu’s signature bags are colorful, reusable nylon bags in all sorts of prints and patterns. Whether you are more of a pineapple print or retro shopping bag pattern type of person, Baggu has a bag for you. While reusable bags are all the rage these days, Baggu got its start in 2007 and it’s bags are definitely a more fun way to show off your sustainability bona-fides that toting around a canvas tote from Outdoor Voices or The New Yorker like everyone else in New York City.




Williamsburg | 242 Wythe Avenue, Suite 4 | Lunya


If you are familiar with digital native brands, you’ve probably heard of Lunya, the direct-to-consumer sleepwear brand. If you don’t know the brand, or even if you do, take this opportunity to try on their insanely soft pajamas in their beautifully designed shop. Lunya sells pajamas and other loungewear in matching sets in fabrics ranging from pima cotton to washable silk. If you are able to walk out of the store without a new set of PJs, you have more self-control than we do. Respect.

Pro tip: If you didn’t get ice cream at Davey’s, or if you are ready for ice cream number two on the day, Oddfellows is just down the street from Lunya. Or if you aren’t in the mood for ice cream but need a little something sweet, stop by the Mast Chocolate factory for some samples and to watch the chocolate being made.




Williamsburg | 92 N. 6th Street | ALAND


Aland Williamsburg is the first US location from the popular Korean brand. The store places an emphasis on discovering new, mainly Korean designers while maintaining affordable prices. Most items cost less than $100 which makes Aland a fun place to try out a new trend or designer with little fear of buyers remorse. The store is huge and colorful and feels young, so if you are traveling with a teenager or a college student (or are one yourself) check out Aland as an alternative to the more traditional haunts like Urban Outfitters.




Williamsburg | 99 N. 6th Sreet | Credo


Credo has a “dirty list”. No, these aren’t brands that have scorned the beauty boutique in the past, but rather is a list of ingredients that aren’t considered “clean” and therefore are not allowed in any of products Credo carries. If that sounds like a bit too much for you, Sephora Studios is just down the block. But if you are intrigued or in the mood to discover some interesting new beauty brands just ask the estheticians in house to guide you and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by how fun clean beauty can be.



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